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** We are temporarily not accepting any more applications for financial assistance. We are getting more request than we have donations or sponsors. So in order to help everyone who applies,we are not accepting applications until further notice. Please check back within a few weeks to see if we have started accepting applications again. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! Here at OCPCP, we make it our job to assist cancer patients. We hope that soon we will have more income through donations/sponsors and fundraisers to able us to assist you. Thanks for choosing OCPCP as your financial assistance provider. We hope you come back soon!**

OCPCP Notice of Financial Assistance Rules and Regulations Change

1. Patients receiving assistance, will no longer personally receive a check. The patient requesting assistance, will need to fax or mail a copy of the bill which they want to be paid. We will make the payment to the place of business which you owe. For example, your rent is coming up. The total is $400.00. You would need to mail a copy of the rental company, the house address, the amount to be paid. We will then make a payment directly to the rental company on your behalf. This works for everything, household bills, treatment etc. If you need us to help with a doctor bill, you will need to find out in advance the cost, so that we can make arrangements with your provider before your appointment. 

2. Due to IRS rules, any person receiving more than $600.00 will be considered financial assistance, and need a 1099 IRS form to be filled out the following year. In order to assist more patients, and allow us to use the funds as donation, patients will  NOT be giving any more than $600.00 to any patient per 30 days.  

3. We have a right to change the date of check delivery at any time. We usually send checks out the 15th of each month, but we have the right to send it later if needed. Depending on our fundraising, and how each event goes, will effect how much money the patient receives.  We do not have to give the requested amount, we do not have to give the quoted amount as well. The amount of check promised can change at any given time as well. 

We apologize if this causes any inconvenience to the person requesting assistance. But to make sure that we can assist everyone who request assistance, we must follow these rules and NOT allow any exceptions.  Thank you for choosing O.C.P.C.P for your financial assistance provider for your cancer treatment needs. 

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Please be aware that funds are limited and based on first come first serve, as well as the urgency of the financial assistance to the patient. Patients must also meet Ovarian Cancer Patient Charity Project’s eligibility requirements. Our grants are usable for bills such as rent, mortgages, utility payments or food, and we also provide grants for medical bills, treatment, or insurance co-payments. If you need this type of assistance, one of our group members may be able to assist you with your application.

After the completion of this form, please hit submit button, to forward your completed application to us, otherwise, you may print and fax or email the completed application to the address below.

Fax this form to (540) 951-1615  or mail to: Ovarian Cancer Patient Charity Project: Attention Ashley Ratcliff 1101 Lora Lane Blacksburg Virginia 24060.
       Ocpcp  will review this information and contact the person requesting financial assistance. All information is strictly confidential and is for Ovarian Cancer Patient Charity Project



OCPCP, was founded by cancer patients who were dumbfounded of how hard it is getting treatment without health insurance. Even so, depending on your insurance, they may not cover everything, leaving thousands of dollars to be covered by the patient. There are hundreds of cyber begging web sites set up for cancer patients in need of financial assistance. There are millions begging strangers for money, because they have so many bills unpaid. So, we decided, that it should be easy for a cancer patient to receive extra funds for bills. Which its not. We are one of the few, charities that donate specifically to the patient to use for whatever bill they may need to pay. It should not be more stress wondering about how or if you can pay your bills, adding extra burden to a woman, with a potentially deadly disease.  Were here to help, all women in need. Just apply, show proof of cancer, request amount of financial help, and that’s it!

We only accept women cancer patients who have cancer at the time of applying for assistance. We specialize with Ovarian Cancer Patients, but we do also help with, uterine, cervical, and breast cancer’s. We try to assist every patient that applies for assistance as much as we can. Funds are limited to first come first serve, but we may bump another patient up, depending on health urgency. If the patient needs the funds immediately for surgery, chemotherapy, medications and more, but it has to be life threatening to do so. Each person applying must show proof of cancer diagnosis before being accepted. Each patient can reapply every 30 days for financial help to be continued. We will help each patient out for 30 days only, unless patient reapplies for assistance. 

Patient(s) MUST fill request an specific amount of funds in order to process application. We will try to get the amount requested as fast as possible. Usually the check will arrive around the 15th of the month, but certain circumstances may cause the check to arrive around the 30th of the month. Depending on the days of the fundraisers. If for some reason, you were receiving funds around the 15th, and fundraising dates changed, then the patient will have to wait until at least 3 days after the fundraiser to receive there funds. That is a rare situation though. 

We try to make it as easy as possible to receive extra financial assistance during a time of stress, those are the only thing we ask of the patient in need. Each person applying, will be contacted no later than 5 days upon receiving the application,, to verify and approve your grant. This is a non profit group. We don’t ask for ANY repayment. We do accept volunteers as well as being a group member. We always need extra hands. If the patients caregiver or family member or friend, would like to participate in our cause, and help raise money as well as fundraise for the charity group please contact Ashley Ratcliff, Email : or general inquire email  or call 540-357-1054. ( location doesn’t matter!)

Donations: 100% of donations made to our group will go to the patients in need of financial assistance. All our group members are volunteers and don’t require payment for their services, which allows more money to go to the cause. We also spread awareness on gynecological cancers as well as help support local cancer research groups, like ovarian cancer research, in New York City. They have came a long way with finding a cure, and with more support from people like you, we will soon have a cure for cancer!

Sponsors: We always need sponsorship! Sponsors money will be used for materials for our fundraisers as well as advertising of our group, to get more members, spread awareness, donations and more sponsors! Sponsors names can stay anonymous, or be on our ads, flyers, logo on the back of our event shirts,  as well as our web site.

Volunteers: To volunteer for a specific event, or to join our group help support our cause, email your request to

Ashley Ratcliff
President/Fundraising Director



Thanks to everyone whom has supported our group throughout! Thanks to all our sponsors, and the donors who have helped save women’s lives, and made even more lives better, and easier to beat this disease without the extra stress!

Ovarian Cancer Patient Charity Project



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